The Glory of Nature

Of all the flowers in my garden, the ones I love the most are the purple asters.  When I arrived home yesterday, I noticed that that plant was brimming with small bees.  I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos.  I was amazed when I looked at them later.  Such incredible beauty.




15 thoughts on “The Glory of Nature

    1. It is just the camera app on my phone….. I’m using Samsung Galaxy s4. I usually have trouble getting closeups as clear as I want, but for some reason when I take photos of this particular plant they always come out well.

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  1. One of the most beautiful flowers, Astor amellus, presumably the variety in your garden, closely resembles the periwinkle blue, the major difference being the larger number of petals on Astor. May yours bloom profusely..


    1. Yes, that is it. I have trouble getting shots that look purple, which is how my eye sees it…. they often turn out blue.

      I notice that the flowers in the picture I use for my blog header change between blue and purple depending on the angle I look at it.

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