Why Do I Blog?

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My journey with blogging actually began when my son Sreejit started his blog, The Seeker’s Dungeon, in September of 2012. I was so impressed by his poetry and his other posts. He had written Of Mind or Matter by then, so I knew he could write well, but the breath of his knowledge was far greater than I realized. I loved reading the supportive comments he received from the Word Press community of bloggers and I could see his confidence growing exponentially.

In August of 2013, Sreejit started Dungeon Prompts. Every Thursday he would send out a prompt encouraging bloggers to “explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, essay or creative offering.” I enjoyed reading the posts the other bloggers submitted. He also encouraged those who didn’t have blogs to include their responses to the prompt in the comments section. From time to time, I also participated in that way.

Later in the fall, Sreejit started encouraging me to start my own blog. At first I said “No”, and then later changed it to “Someday.”  Soon I had to admit to myself that I was getting interested in the idea.

Towards the end of February of 2013, I had an exciting idea. I would start my blog without telling Sreejit I was going to do it. He would find out when I responded to his Dungeon Prompt for the week. The topic that week was Gratitude.  What a perfect subject for me to address in my first post!

(A few minutes ago, I looked at my Living in Gratitude post and discovered that the first three comments were from Sreejit (The Seekers Dungeon), Oliana (Traces of the Soul) and Justin (Eclecticoddsnsods). Those are the same three bloggers with whom I have the most contact with now!)

My intention in starting my blog was to have a way to participate in the Dungeon Prompts. I didn’t have a clue how much I would end up loving it. Blogging has become a major part of my life. So why do I blog?

    • Because we have blogging in common, I feel so much more connected to my son. Our relationship has strengthened and deepened and we “talk” through email or “What’s App” several times a week.
    • When I taught at the University of Washington I published lots of professional articles. After I became a psychotherapist, I wrote numerous personal growth articles. During my first decade with Amma, I wrote three books about my journey with her. At that point I felt finished with writing.  In fact, there were times when I thought I had no more to say. Thanks to my blog I am writing again. And I find I have plenty to say!
    • I have learned so much since I started blogging. I have delved deep inside myself and my own past and as a result have grown significantly. I have taken Word Press Blogging 101 and 102, Writing 101 and 102, and Photography 101 courses. And I have learned from reading posts written by other bloggers.
    • I’ve had numerous readers tell me that they appreciate having the opportunity to learn from reading my blog. So through my blog I teach others.
    • I have always been a creative person, primarily in crafting.  Blogging has given me an opportunity to be creative in so many different ways; in my writing, through photography, and even by writing a bit of poetry.
    • When Sreejit started blogging, I was impressed by the community of people that he became involved with. The same has happened for me. I have blogging friends from all over the world. I have even met one of them in person!

So I blog as a way of connecting with my son and because it is an opportunity to write, learn, teach and be creative.  It has also given me a chance to create a larger community for myself.. But most of all, I blog because I love blogging! Rarely has an activity given me so much pleasure.  Thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging Sreejit.


Written for Dungeon Prompts: Why Do You Blog?

48 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. Hey Karuna,

    I think this a wonderful tribute to a generous soul whose spirited impulse has shared a further opportunity for many diverse and insightful threads to find a second voice and be heard amongst the crowd at WP. A mother should be impressed by their son, and I delight in your impression of him and his delightful work…his comment above made me smile. Judging by the response he receives from the WP community at large, Seerjit’s work is well considered by many others, and rightfully so.

    I am still relatively new to your site Karuna, but have already enjoyed the honesty and integrity of your work and acknowledge the depth of your writing practice. Indeed your words are often penetrating and thought-provoking (as all personal commentary and reflection is) and with WP facilitating more readily the transmission of your thoughts, I very much hope you will continue to write, learn, teach and be creative. Your passion for words is exciting and infectious. Thank you 🙂

    Have a wonderful new week ahead.


    DN – 07/09/2015

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. That means a lot. I thought that mom would be a good blogger – a more natural than me blogger – because she is able to so clearly communicate, in an honest way, with others. So I’m very proud of the blog that she has created, which is an extension of her sincere desire to be a help to others.

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      1. Hey Sreejit,

        Your very welcome…I most sincerely believe you inherited much from your mother’s side Sreejit. Her motivation to help others is wonderfully conceived and well articulated within her crafting of words…and by extension within the very fabric of your own Blog as well.

        Might I imagine a joint venture in the future….perhaps something unique to consolidate your respective gifts as a whole?


        DN – 07/09/2015

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      2. Hey Sreejit,

        I shall endeavour to find it and read it…your enthusiasm for his writing is both charming and infectious 🙂

        Are you able to provide a link?


        DN – 07/09/2015


    1. Wow, that is fascinating info Hariod. Thanks for sending it. I will probably write about it at some point.

      Our conversation was also the impetus for the post I wrote about aphids and ants. I really appreciate you sharing this kind of information with me.

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  2. Pleasure reading about your journey into blogging, karuna. I have read a few of srijith’s writes as well; there is hardly anything to choose between mother and son, as both are equally talented. The compelling factors in your case are the same, though not necessarily in same order, that actuates most people into writing. To me, it has afforded a great opportunity to interact and learn from many well informed and highly talented people out there, also reminding me of my modest range and the distance I need to travel to be anywhere near those minds. So, just keep writing, as your thoughts need liberation from within you to assume several interesting forms…best wishes.

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  3. I love this post! It made me smile inside and out. You and Sreejit are both such excellent writers with much to offer the world of readers. I’m very happy our paths have crossed. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Peace, love, and kindest regards to you, MW

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  4. What a heartwarming and genuine post, Karuna…I did not expect less from you. I am glad Sreejit convinced you too!! How lucky I am to have been introduced to you …who would have known through my love of writing, blogging I would meet the most amazing (currently) in the world…Amma.

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    1. I loved your poem and I was also intrigued by the script in your header. Some of the letters looked like Malayalam but even accounting for how fonts change the look of letters, they didn’t all look like Malayalam. As I read through more of your blog I realized it was Tamil!

      I look forward to getting to know you more via our blogs.

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  5. Hi Karuna,
    I truly enjoyed reading about what brought you to blogging initially and where this journey has taken you. It is wonderful that blogging has deepened your bond with your amazing son Sreejit. You never know where life can take you and the world does open up to meet you when you share yourself online. It certainly has for me.


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  6. Hi Karuna. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. I am catching up on what’s been happening during my absence. Reading this post covers most of the reasons why I love to blog. Like you, through blogging I feel connected to a diverse community where I have been educated, guided, advised, and informed about numerous topics that have served to expand my life experiences. And, I appreciate having had the opportuity to connect with Living, Learing and Letting Go. I missed you.

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