Finding Happiness

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Yesterday, I discovered a blog created by a fifteen-year-old Finnish girl (This Girl’s Bucket List).) She is signing her posts as “ThisGirl” so that is how I will refer to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the pieces ThisGirl had written. When I woke up this morning I noticed she had published a new post, so headed to her blog to see what she had to say.

In the new post, ThisGirl described the guest speaker who talked to students at her school yesterday. The speaker’s name was Marja Korhonen and she “talked” by looking at a board with letters.  A helper then voiced Marja’s message. ThisGirl ended her post with the trailer for Marja’s book.

As I watched the short video, tears started running down my face. Nine hours later, I re-watched it and had the same reaction. Once again, I have been presented with a person whose willingness to live life fully inspires me, profoundly inspires me. A person who teaches me that my life will be of value regardless of the circumstances. One who by example lets me know that it is possible for me to be happy no matter what challenges come my way.  As I age, I find I need that reminder more often than ever.

I will leave you with the same video. Be sure to turn on the subtitles by clicking on the CC at the bottom, unless you speak Finnish that is!

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Getting to Our Happy Place

24 thoughts on “Finding Happiness

  1. Hey Karuna,

    How does one find words of sufficient breadth and width and height to describe the true stature of Marja Korhonen when her fortitude and courage are beyond exemplary and her heart so swollen by life. It is a truly wonderful story of human triumph over adversity and will be deeply inspiring to many who find their life misplaced…indeed it may even help to positively re-evaluate the perspective we habitually hold on to regarding the difficulties experienced in own lives. Marja is beyond doubt a remarkable woman given worthy press by a tender young heart. Thank you so much for drawing our attention to both.

    I wonder if you have ever read ‘The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly’ by Jean-Dominique Bauby (ISBN 1 – 85702 – 794 – 9, published by Fourth Estate, London). The book is a staggering piece of work ‘dictated’ in it entirety by Bauby following a severe stroke that left him completely paralysed, speechless and only able to move one eyelid. Having read it many times, I’d be amazed if anyone who reads it doesn’t fall back in love with their life.


    DN – 11/09/2015

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    1. The radiance in her face struck me the most.

      No, I have never read the book you mention. I will make a note and see if I can find it.

      You may have read a post of mine where I talked about a book that really moved and taught me. It’s title is “A Promise is a Promise.” It was written by Wayne Dyer but it is the story and a testament to the mother and other family members who took care of a daughter who went into a coma at 16 years of age. If I remember right she was in the coma for the next 40 years. If you haven’t read that I suggest you add it to your book list! It is an amazing story. Your comment makes me realize I should read it again.

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      1. Hey Karuna,

        Thank you for your reply. Yes indeed I share your thoughts entirely, her radiance is golden, the gleam in her eyes virtuous and beatific, and her mission in life a most noble enterprise. Without question, my heart fully supports her amazing achievement every inch of the way.

        I do hope you are able to acquire a copy of Bauby’s book and find it as fulfilling as I. It is a wonderful read. Upon your recommendation, I shall track down a copy of the book you mention, the story sounds incredibly moving. Thank you for the pointer. I feel somewhat amiss at never having read anything by Wayne Dyer. Yours is not the first mention I have received, which would suggest I should make further enquiries. Again, thank you 🙂

        I trust all is well and your day or evening a delight.

        Best wishes. Namaste

        DN – 12/09/2015

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  2. The shots at the beginning are so utterly beautiful ❤ I'm impressed with this woman, she's so strong! Her story reminds me a little bit of a book I've read about the life of Martin Pistorius – it is also worth reading! I'll note down her book, maybe I'll come across it some day. Thank you for sharing ❤

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    1. I agree that the beginning segment is so beautiful. I also am drawn to the shots of her radiant face now. I understand that the book is only in Finnish at this point. Hopefully they translate it to English someday.

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