The Bug Mother

Yesterday, I visited a friend who calls herself a Bug Mother. Her “children” are Giant Spiny Australian Leaf bugs (Extatosoma Tiaratum).  Right now she has nine of them; three are babies, three are molting and three are young adolescents.   I took a photo of her holding one of the adolescent bugs.The adults will be twice this size.


Below are links to two articles she wrote about her bugs last year.  I find them fascinating.

Becoming a Bug Mother Apr-2014  Page 12-15
Follow-up to “Becoming a Bug Mother” Aug 2014 Page 10-12


12 thoughts on “The Bug Mother

      1. How kind of you to take them outside. I try but often, just before I step on them I remind them this too is a spider free home. Some I catch to be photographed outside and then sent on their way alive.
        Love your bugs!


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