My 70 Day Wellness Challenge

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Yesterday, the first post I read was SeasonedSistah2’s My 70 Day Challenge to Wellness. Her post really grabbed my attention. I have been trying to change some health sabotaging behaviors for some time but making agreements with myself hasn’t worked. In particular, I continually give in to my desire for chocolate, donuts and cookies. I know from my own personal experience and in my experience as a psychotherapist that I will be more likely to succeed if I make a public commitment.

Yvonne’s Wellness Challenge came from something she saw on Facebook. She completed the 70 days and then decided to keep it going for 90. In her post, she committed to continuing her program for the rest of her life.

Yvonne is 72 and has chronic health issues. She has mild to severe pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. She has also dealt with breast cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Apnea. After 90+ days on her Wellness program she can:

  • Get in and out of the bathtub
  • Walk up and down stairs
  • Lower to and rise from the floor
  • Squat and kneel

She also joined a Plank Challenge. On Day One she could hold the plank for only 30 seconds. On Day 30 she did three planks, one for two minutes and two for one minute.

I felt so inspired by Yvonne’s post. I realized that this was the kind of structure I needed to get myself moving. I counted the days until I leave for my yearly trip to India and discovered it was 67 days away. Perfect!

My next step was to determine the components of my challenge. As I said, I know I need to drastically reduce the amount of sugar I am taking in and it is also important that I increase my protein intake and decrease the amount of wheat I eat. I have consumed more vegetables this summer because of my garden, but it is important that I continue eating them.

I already do two Pilates classes a week but I know I should do other forms of exercise as well. For some time I have believed I should walk around the block numerous times a day. That probably doesn’t sound like much but my block is on a hill so there is quite an incline. Also my heart rate has been going up to 120 or even 130 when I walk on flat land, so walking around the block several times a day would be a good beginning.

I have felt my strength declining. These changes will improve my strength and also help me lose the extra 15 pounds I have put on during the last few years.  My wellness program would also include doing meditation or chanting in some form.

After reading Yvonne’s post, I committed on the spot to completing a 70 day wellness challenge of my own. Yesterday the only sugar I ate was a bit of jam. In addition to the Pilates class, I walked around the block three times.  I also walked to and from the light rail station to take my Weekly Photo Challenge picture. The light rail walk is probably three times the distance of going around my block and has an even bigger hill.

I am happy with my Day One accomplishments.  Today I will look for my Fitbit charger and will do some form of spiritual practice in addition to the increased exercise and dietary changes.

I look forward to seeing how I am different at the end of my 70 day challenge. I will report back occasionally!

Thank you Yvonne for being an inspiration to me once again.

(Note:  As I edited this post the comment that I have 67 days until I travel to India struck me.  I will be turning 67 years-old in the middle of my Wellness Challenge!  An insignificant but fun synchronicity.)

10 thoughts on “My 70 Day Wellness Challenge

  1. I also started my wellness challenge. I won’t be eating sugar until you arrive, since you usually bring donuts, hehehe, and I usually do some form of fast (1 meal a day) during the Europe tour, I usually schedule the end of my fast to coincide when you arrive.

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    1. So it is donuts plus ice cream when I arrive in India? Interesting end to your fast! 🙂

      I’m not eliminating sugar on my wellness plan. I will have occasional deserts, most likely in the form of homemade ice cream! Today is day 2 for me and again the only sweet I had was a little bit of jam! That’s major for me. I know I will have some deserts while I am gone this weekend so I’m not going to have any until then!

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  2. Right on! Power to you, I hope you feel empowered and free through your efforts. My two cents worth on the subject matter is that it is worth considering going cold turkey on white cane sugar. It is definitely an addictive substance which means that when eaten it creates the future craving for more of it. No doubt, there is benefit in simply cutting back but in the long run, nothing good comes from cane sugar addiction. Cane sugar is a short term “fix” that zaps more energy than it gives and puts one on the yo-yo machine of changing energy levels and emotions. I know that many people feel they are simply not up for this type of “asceticism” but almost everyone I have ever spoke to who has done it agrees that one is happier, calmer, more energized and has a mind of greater clarity without cane sugar. And, unfortunately, in my experience the jaggery that exists in India is a “better” version of cane sugar but it is still the same animal. It is still addictive and has the same properties of inducing energy swings (although to a lesser extent than white cane sugar). When I say this type of thing to people many are usually unhappy but I feel it would be ungenerous not to share my experience which has produced so much extra energy and happiness and freedom in my life. Blessings to you in doing whatever you feel is right for you, of course!

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    1. I agree with what you are saying. If I stop the donuts and cookies that will mostly be taken care of. The recipes I use for the occasional ice cream or other treats generally use other forms of sweetening, like maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar. Both I’m not going to overdo those either.

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