Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


About a month ago, I drove to my local Safeway only to discover that construction had begun behind a shut-down restaurant which is located west of the grocery store.  I was also surprised to see that one of the two entrances that go from the side-street to the Safeway parking lot was fenced off.  That seemed really strange.  I thought Safeway must have charged a lot of money for that privilege.

Soon a big metal structure rose from the ground.  I had never seen anything like it.  Was it an elevator shaft?  That didn’t seem right.  This didn’t look like any normal building site.  I asked the staff at the grocery store, but they didn’t know either.  Someone said they thought the restaurant was being torn down.  I knew I could have asked the construction workers, but I assumed they were interrupted with that question many times a day.  I decided to just let the mystery unfold.

I took all of the photos in this post this morning.   I love that you can see the moon beside the crane.

Yesterday the mystery was solved.

20150929_075408 - Copy

No wonder it didn’t look like a normal construction site!  I have wished for some time that we could have a Safeway fuel station reasonably close to where I live so that I could take advantage of the store’s gas discounts.  There will soon be a station less than a mile from my house!

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

    1. True! I’m still trying to figure out what the metal I saw rising into the sky was. I think it may have been the piece that is now inserted into the earth in the fourth picture in the gallery portion. If so it is now lying on its side.

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