In Science Class- विज्ञानस्य वर्गे

Große_Essigfliege_-_Drosophila_funebris_ _(14213086147)
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As many of you know, learning Sanskrit is a passion of mine.  I take two classes a week and each of the classes require that I write five or more sentences in Sanskrit.  This week I decided to do something even more ambitious. I took much of the information from my recent fruit fly post and translated it into Sanskrit.  I finished the homework by writing the sentences as if they were being spoken in a science class where the teacher was asking the children what they knew about fruit flies.

आचार्या –  सुप्रभातं बालाः। अद्यतन विषयः फल-मक्षिकाः।
Teacher –  Good morning children.  Today’s topic is fruit flies.

आचर्या –   भवन्तः विषये फल-मक्षिकानां किं जानन्तिः।
Teacher –  What do you know about fruit flies?

सुल्मा –     फल-मक्षिकाः अष्टतः दश-दिनानि जीवन्ति।
Sulma – Fruit flies live from 8 to 10 days.

आचर्या –     उत्तमं सुल्मा।  डेविद्?|
Teacher – Very good Sulma! David?

डेविद् –      स्त्री फल-मक्षिकाः पञ्चशत-अण्डानि दश-दिनेषु स्ठापयन्ति|
David – Female fruit flies lay 500 eggs in 10 days.

आचर्या –     सम्य़क् डेविद्।  रमणः?|
Teacher – Good David.  Ramana?

रमणः –     एकस्मिन् फल-मक्षिकस्य नेत्रे ७६० दीप्तोपलाः  सन्ति|
Ramana – In a fruit fly’s eye there are 760 lenses.

आचर्या – आम्। सम्यक्। अन्ये वदन्तु।
Teacher – Yes, good!  Others speak.

बार्बरा – फल-मक्षिकाणां रक्त-नेत्रौ पिङ्गल-देहा: तेषाम् उदरेषु कृष्ण-रेखाः च सन्ति |
Barbara – Fruit flies have red eyes, brown bodies, and black stripes on their abdomens.

सवत्री –  फल-मक्षिका: पक्षौ द्विशत-वारं पतिक्षणं अ्भिविक्षपन्ति |
Savatri – Fruit flies wings beat 200 times per second.

रामा –  फल-मक्षिका: विज्ञान-प्रकल्पेषु उपयुक्ता: सन्ति |
Rama- Fruit flies are useful in scientific research

कर्ल् –  फल-मक्षिका: चत्वरि-chromosomes मानवानां इव सन्ति |
Carl –  Fruit flies have four chromosomes that are similar to humans’ chromosomes.

सुमती –  फल-मक्षिका: Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, aging, cancer, immunity, alcohol, and drug abuse विज्ञान-प्रकल्पेषु उपयुक्ता: सन्ति |
Sumati –  Fruit flies are used in Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, aging, cancer, immunity, alcohol, and drug abuse research.

सुसन् – फल-मक्षिका:  क्षीयमाणानि फलानि शखानि खादन्ति।
Susan –  Fruit flies eat decaying fruits and vegetables.

स्टॆव् – विगल-फलानि मा खादतु। तेषु फल-मक्षिक-अण्डानि भवेयुः|
Steve –  Don’t eat rotten fruit.  There may be fruit fly eggs and disease (causing organisms) in them.

आचर्या –     उत्तमं बालाः। श्वः इतोपि वदिष्यामः विषयॆ फल-मक्षिकाणां |
Teacher – Very good, children.  Tomorrow we will talk more about fruit flies.


[Thank you Madhavi for helping me with this translation!  I so appreciate your constant support.]

15 thoughts on “In Science Class- विज्ञानस्य वर्गे

  1. WoW!! I had no idea, Karuna…it does not even seem possible for a human to see 200 flaps per second… good to know they are used for research too. I admire your determination, with Sanskrit, Karuna. Im singing more songs and some words that I don’t pronounce properly I remember the remark Amma told you about a toddler starting to speak…as long as we get close enough at first:) My guest post will be up Nov 8th a day after my son’s birthday…I find that a nice coincidence.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have written my teacher an email about it. It was easy to transliterate but there are different ways of doing OM so I wanted her input into the whole thing. Will let you know what I hear back.

        Liked by 1 person

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