I just discovered that “Stories that Must Not Die” posted a story Sreejit wrote about a painful and tragic experience in his life. I believe it will touch many of you.

Stories that Must Not Die


Today, the STMND crew is honored to share the following story from Sreejit Poole.  It is a raw, powerful and compelling tale covering a tragic hour of his life.  Please read and show him the RawrLove and support in the comments that our community is famous for:

She was screaming my name from the far window but we were in the last room of the kitchen joking and laughing.


Though the name was loud, I wasn’t registering it.  I was too busy being the life of the party.  The breakfast shift had just ended and we were unwinding.


Finally, her voice cut through and I turned to see her wide eyes, and her hands frantically waving at me through the window.

What could be so wrong?  Irritated, I walked over to the window.  The woman was always getting worked up over little things.

My sister, the kitchen…

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3 thoughts on “Heavy

  1. Karuna, thanks so much for sharing Screejit’s story. I had heard about the event and how traumatic it was for Screejit, but not in such detail from him. It is sobering and touching. And gives me new respect for the electricity situation in the kitchen.

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    1. He and I had talked about it when it happened but he has never written about it. He did a good job of sharing his experience in a way that you could really live the trauma with him. So sad…….


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