Walking With Intention Day 7 by Charles Augustus

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this entry to the Walking with Intention event. I encourage everyone to read it! It was written by Charles at The Window of the Soul: Think! Feel! Live!

The Seeker's Dungeon

Valuable Opportunities

by Charles Augustus of The Window of the Soul

This was written as a guest post challenge of “Walking With Intention”. To some it sounds like an exercise that monks would do in a monastery, slowly and deliberately moving each foot as they make their way across a garden, but not to me.

On a Sunday in September of 1987 I sat with a friend in my home watching Miami kick the Colts butts. Marino was playing a good game. Dave and I were both Miami fans and had been good friends since I got stationed with the 101st. We played basketball, tennis and golf together when we weren’t deployed.

With only 3 and a half minutes on the play clock, my 17 month old son abandoned his toys, toddled over to me and began to fuss. My nose told me instantly what the problem was. I stood…

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2 thoughts on “Walking With Intention Day 7 by Charles Augustus

  1. This is how I want to learn to write… with flow, pacing, evocative dialog, sensitive insight. As one of those kids who kissed daddy’s photo goodnight (even when he tucked me in personally during rare appearances at home), I am deeply touched to know there are men like this raising children.

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