Inspiring and Thought Provoking Videos

Friends have sent me two powerful and mesmerizing videos recently.  I thought both were excellent and hope you find them to be as valuable as I did.

The first is a talk by Dr. Vadana Shiva.  She has been described as an author, activist, pioneer, scientific advisor and mother.


The second is a September 12, 1962 speech by President John F. Kennedy.  As you listen to it, consider how we can apply his words to solving the problems we are facing in the world today.



8 thoughts on “Inspiring and Thought Provoking Videos

  1. I only watched the first video, but it was very powerful. Despite being a nature lover, I hadn’t considered that the roots of the Syrian conflict could be in environmental degradation; which is itself rooted in Western colonialist models of “development.”

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  2. Yes. The way she described the events in Syria and how it all started was amazingly simple and eloquent while at the same time conveying the enormity and devastation of the situation. I am struck by how she delivers information that is so clear, concise and academic in such a poetic way. It is such a different experience for me to receive this kind of information in this manner. Perhaps this is what makes it so much more poignant and leaves me with a sense of urgency to do something, to contribute, to speak up!

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