Nothing is Insignificant

When Amma gives darshan (hugs) in India, she sees thousands of people a day, but still takes time to give everyone what they need. Check out this video of her mediating a dispute between children. No translation is needed!


During Amma’s Indian tours, she may give hugs to 30,000 people a day. Below is a picture of one of the pots used to cook the food for those who seek Amma’s blessing.

Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole
Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole

8 thoughts on “Nothing is Insignificant

  1. That was wonderful! Of course, I don’t know what was said, but Amma was so patient and focused on their issue. I loved when she became so tickled that she had to put her head down and laugh. So many beautiful nuances in this moment… and I love the theme “nothing is insignificant”… it is a refreshing perspective on life, which I wish more people held.

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