Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

Two ideas came to my mind when I read the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.

Last summer I visited Martin Luther King Jr’s National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia.  Some of the exhibits were interactive.  In one we were able to “walk” alongside sculptures of the civil right’s marchers.  My heart was moved by participating in this way.

Cheri, the person who wrote this week’s challenge, also suggested that we consider creating a new version of an old photo.

Her words reminded me of two photographs I was given after my mother died.  They are of my parents with their closest friends.

The first was taken in 1943. My mother and father are on the right side of the picture.  My mother’s sister is in the middle.  The men met their future wives and each other during World War 2.  They remained friends throughout their lives and were family to me during my childhood.

This is the photo they recreated, in the late 70’s or early 80’s.


As I gaze at this picture now, I’m aware that they have all passed from this world except for the woman on the left.  She is now 96 years old!

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