Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

This morning I took a short walk to the grocery store.  About three blocks from my house I came upon a scene that took me through several states of mind.  Even though all of these photos were taken within a 20 foot segment of the block, my mood ranged from awe to despair.










Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

  1. I wonder if this kind of disrespect – for nature, for others – can only come from being treated with disrespect. Where else would we learn to be so thoughtless?

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    1. That makes sense……. either that and/or having tremendous amount of anger. Thankfully most people who have been disrespected or are very angry don’t use nature as their dump.


  2. Exactly – WHY? My rental borders the Pine Bush Preservation. When driving to work I take the curved road slowly and enjoy the beauty of the trees, then notice the very large box that someone placed there a week ago. The other night on my way home I noticed someone must have decided to dump their garbage bags in this secluded area. I asked, Why? Many times while walking I carry a small bag to pick up the garbage. Now I have to wait until he way home because there is so much it fills my bag before the walk is over. Once it warms up I am going down the road to pick up the bags of garbage because although I didn’t place it there, I don’t want to see it. Again – why?

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