Challenges for Growth: Ending and March Summary


Ending and March Summary


As I noted briefly in the last post, I have decided to end the Challenges for Growth series. I would like to thank everyone who participated during the last twelve weeks whether it was by writing a post or by keeping the challenge in mind throughout the week. I give extra thanks to the four bloggers who participated the most: Sreejit at The Seeker’s Dungeon and Where Love Meets War; Nichole at Nik’s Place; Annette at Annette’ Place and Cheryl-Lynn at Traces of the Soul.

The twelve prompts will remain available. You are welcome to take the challenges at any time. If you write a post, link to the challenge page and I will add your post to the appropriate monthly summary.


March Summary


Contributors to: Message to a Child

I Love You…- Living, Learning and Letting Go

saying it real (troiku ~ narrative)- Traces of the Soul

For You- Nik’s Place

Contributors to: Ending Food Waste

Challenge for growth/food waste- Annette’s Place

Food Waste: More Information to Ponder- Living, Learning and Letting Go

Contributors to: Overcoming Resistance

A Little Bit of Clarity- Where Love Meets War

Dealing with My Resistance- The Seeker’s Dungeon

Challenge for growth prompt/resistance- Annette’s Place

Laughing with God- Living, Learning and Letting Go

As He Wishes- Nik’s Place

Contributors to: Honoring My Body

Challenge for growth prompt/honor my body- Annette’s Place

Physical Education in the 1960’s- Living, Learning and Letting Go

E is for Eating- Traces of the Soul

Past Monthly Summaries




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