Endless Beauty

Every year, I am awestruck by the beauty that surrounds me. Some views I marvel over each year.  Other sights have been in front of me for years and I have never noticed them. For me, the glory of nature feels ever-new. (Click galleries to enlarge pictures.)

A block from my house:

Looking down my block:


In my front yard:

Looking across the street:

A closer view of my neighbor’s tree:


20 thoughts on “Endless Beauty

  1. Wonderful that your chronicling of colors and trees and plants is opening you (and us) up more and more to the beauty of the world. Surrounded by so many miracles, and yet I do not see!

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    1. You click on reblog on my post. It will give you a place to write an intro to your people and then there must be a button that says post. And magically it will be on your blog. Reblog button is near like

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      1. Taking photos and writing about it inspires us. My son says I take too many pics. Buy my photos load automatically as a background on my tv. He is always amazed how simple close ups of a bunch of wild daisies look so beautiful.

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  2. Lush, rich… such a lively palette! I love the canopy over the sidewalk. I imagine the visual and sensory experience is very different from when you first arrived on this street. Comforting comes to mind. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Yes. Years ago the city paid for trees and gave them to us to plant. Most people did as requested and picked the same type of tree. That is what creates the beautiful canopy.

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