Seeing the Potential of Things to Come

I have long desired to clean up and beautify my back yard. I decided this was the year that was going to happen.  The transformation has been an interesting process. It is as if my eyes opened to the potential of one space at a time.  As I was finishing one area, ideas for another section “came.”

I desired to use the natural beauty that was already present as much as possible.  That was much easier to do than I expected.

I also wanted to create beauty in areas that were fairly grim.

IMG_2643There are still plenty more areas that need my attention.

Most of what has already been accomplished was done within ten days time.  I wonder what my backyard will look like by the end of April!

I give thanks to my friend Saroja, an experienced gardener, for sharing her ideas with me.  She also went with me to a nursery to help me choose some of the plants. I also give thanks to my friend Ramana who is doing the hard labor that it is taking to make this transformation. I feel blessed to have their help.

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

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