14 thoughts on “Intricate Beauty

  1. these are gorgeous

    I lost my heart to them a few years ago and re-planted every spring for awhile – as they didn’t make it thru the winter.Got too expensive, so just let the natural reddish/magenta/white wild ones take over the yard. J

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  2. Columbines are (or at least they were while I was growing up) the state flower of Colorado and I remember seeing wild ones growing in the Rocky Mountain meadows. I have some I’ve grown by seed (you have to be patient b/c they don’t bloom the first year) but the only ones that survived the winter were the burgundy/yellow ones and a large pure white one. They’re about to bloom any day now! This has been an amazing Spring.

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      1. I’m inching my way towards getting a iPhone so I can take pictures. I still have a landline and a little pay by the minute phone for travel and emergencies, but you and other friends who are taking pictures are inspiring me to get a phone like everyone else! If I get the phone in the next couple of weeks will definitely send you pictures! I currently have pink, red, and yellow ranunculus blooming and would love to send you pics.

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