My Memories of Prince

This morning when I heard that Prince had died, I cried. I probably cried when Michael Jackson died too, but I don’t normally react to the death of celebrities in that way.

In the early 80’s, Prince’s music touched me deeply.  I loved his “Purple Rain” movie and album. I was particularly moved by the song, “When Doves Cry.”

In 1988, I took my children to their first rock concert.  It, of course, was a Prince concert. I have never forgotten the experience of being there with them. My son was 13 at the time and I believe that concert was an important event in his life.  As I remember, my daughter, who would have been 11, was bored; it wasn’t her kind of music.  I wonder how she remembers that experience now!

I haven’t been able to insert YouTube copies of Prince singing “When Doves Cry”  into this post, but I found one performed by another musician.  I hope it brings back good memories for some of you.

Thank you Prince. May you rest in peace.

9 thoughts on “My Memories of Prince

  1. I just love your family, Karuna. Do you get how important it was that you even took them to a concert like that?? Michael tells me that his first concert changed the direction of his life and is why he is still so into, and affected by music. And the very best part? He tells me he was proud that his mother took him!! Ours was The Police, in the Tacoma Dome. (I could have passed on the opening act though…the Thompson Twins…not my kind of music.)

    Sorry for your loss. Our “Artists” are some of our best teachers in life.

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    1. Your words remind me of another story. After I met Amma, Joan C and I started a chanting group. I kept inviting 15 year old Sreejit to come but he wasn’t interested. And he kept inviting me to come to a heavy metal rock concert with him…. but I didn’t like heavy metal. One day he showed up at my chanting group. I was so surprised. Afterwards he said, “I’ve done what’s important to you. Now it is time for you to do what is important to me.” I sure couldn’t argue with that. Before long I was attending a heavy metal concert!

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