The Rhododendrons are Blooming!

In 1892, the women of Washington State  chose the Coast Rhododendron to be the state flower, but it wasn’t made official until 1959. They are in full bloom now and are so beautiful. Yesterday, I walked around my neighborhood and took photographs of as many colors as I could find.

(Click any photo to see them as a slide show.)

22 thoughts on “The Rhododendrons are Blooming!

    1. The big white one is in front of my house. I’ve never seen so many blooms. Most of the purple ones are from my yard too. I’m glad you get to see them in Virginia!


    1. Beautiful!

      It is hard to see the form of the flower in the picture. Does the flower in your variety of rhododendron look the same as mine?


      1. I have avoided taking photographs for most of my adult life…. and that changed when I started blogging. Now photography is a major part of my blog. I would never have thought that would happen.


      2. I have another blog, which is just photos. There are a lot of repeats, yet each post is different. I know I’ve done at least a couple flower ones. All those photos of flowers are taken right out front of my apartment building. Maintenance buys the flowers, and some of the residents plant them. There are also gardens out back and at one end of the building, where people plant their vegetables, especially tomatos.


  1. One look at this gorgeousness, and I’m back in Ireland in the Killarney National Park. The Torc waterfall to my left, and a hillside of these beauties to my right! Thank you for posting!

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  2. Oh Thank you for sharing these beauties. Here I was excited because lilacs are starting to blossom and the crab apple tree next door…boy!! the apple blossoms are due soon…I must rent a car soon to see that and visit my son`s house.

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