Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

I will never forget how surprised and pleased I was when I first saw the photograph I took of this crow.  I loved that the crow and the tree looked black against the background of the white clouds and blue sky.  And I loved that I could see the photo as a picture of a crow or as a picture of a person, with a crow perched on one hand, reaching for the sky.


Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

      1. The atmosphere of it suggests that to me, with the lone bird sitting at the end of a broken branch beneath a sombre sky, its leg tentatively reaching forward but having nothing to stand upon, the only option being to fly off into that same sombre expanse. Something like that.

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      2. That explains it. I was answering your comment from the notification icon and I didn’t notice it was from the face photo. I was thinking it was a comment on the new Wordless Wednesday post. I can certainly see mournful in the crow picture!

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  1. I remember this shot, Karuna, and it IS spectacular. This time I see it as the crow looking out to the heavens, silent, in honour of my mom on mother`s day… or perhaps in honour of all moms passed.

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