On Living and Dying Day 15 by Sreejit Poole

I think this is one of the best posts Sreejit has ever written.

The Seeker's Dungeon

Beyond biology, the need to be more

by Sreejit Poole

How could we just be gone forever?

Growing up, my conception of God and mysticism was on par with my romanticizing of after school cartoons. I wanted to believe in the world of the Thunder Cats, of magic portals, of closets that took us to other realms, and if I tried, I was sure that I could breathe them into existence.

I once called a friend on the phone and told him that he had to come over immediately, because I found a way to turn my bathroom mirror into a secret portal to another dimension; a dimension where we would be warriors fighting the forces of evil. My friend convinced his mom to bring him the 20 minutes to my house only to find that my bathroom mirror was only good for reflections. I was sure that if I…

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