Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

This challenge reminded me of a fun thing that happened on my last trip to Amma’s ashram in Amritapuri, India.


When I left my room to go to breakfast, I took the back stairs, as is my normal practice. I looked down at the stairs as I started to descend them. By my foot there was

one green bug

It reminded me of a bug I’ve seen in Seattle. Its color was brilliantly green, almost fluorescent.  I passed it by but was afraid it would get stepped on so I came back and pushed it to the side of the stairs. I walked away but then realized how hot it was in the sun. The bug had looked like it was dying.  It occurred to me that it would certainly die if I left it sitting in the sun so I went up the stairs again, got something to pick the bug up with, and took it to a part of the landing that had some shade. I placed the bug in a crevice and continued on my way. At the next landing there were

two black crows

sitting on the railing. We looked at each other for a moment. One cawed and then they both flew away. One green bug followed by two black crows; that was an interesting “co-incidence.” I looked over the railing and the first thing I saw were

three Indian girls

Okay, this feels like no co-incidence. I think I will play the game. I wonder what will be next. Now I’m on the first floor (which in India is one floor above the ground). I look ahead in the distance and at the far part of the hall I see a doormat with shoes on it.  As I get closer I see there are

four thongs scattered on the mat

Going down the last set of stairs, I’m now on the ground floor. I turn the corner and pass the supply office where

five Indian family members are getting bedding

As I make may way to the cafe, I pass a bush with

six hibiscus flowers which are being picked by an Indian woman

Once I arrive at the café I see there are

five people ahead of me in the breakfast line

I order my food and take it to the table where

four friends eat breakfast together

I finish my food, wash my dishes and take them to the drying station where there are

three towels for drying dishes

I take my empty water bottle to the drinking water station where I find

two are filling water bottles

I fill my water bottle and then head back to my room. I push the elevator button. Soon there is

one person on elevator



I wish I had pictures to go with the experience but I was busy living it! I decided to be to content using a shot of one of the Amritapuri hibiscus bushes.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

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