15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

    1. Yes it is a tromboncini. I was so excited the day I found that one in my garden. It was so unusual and the photo has been very useful from time to time. The big brown one is also tromboncini, one that has been allowed to become a winter squash. That one was five feet long. They taste so good. I’m wishing I had them in my garden this year.

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      1. Wow! even that big it is tasty. I found reguarl zuchini that I forgot that grew so huge did not have as much flavour. I would make zuchini loaf with those big ones.

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      2. This is very different than a large zucchini. The inside is dark yellow. It is more like an acorn squash but I like the taste and the texture even better then the other winter squashes.

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