The Artichokes are Flowering!

I decided to take a short walk before studying for a Sanskrit test I’m taking tomorrow. A block away, I noticed that a neighbor’s artichoke plants were flowering. That is always a magical event and I chose to share it with you… NOW! The studying can wait a little while longer.




There are three or four bees flying in and out of most of the flowers.



16 thoughts on “The Artichokes are Flowering!

    1. I saw them for the first time two years ago I think. I realize now why they don’t eat the artichokes. If they did we’d never see these flowers and the bees would really miss out.

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  1. All these years of being an artichoke aficionado (living close to both self-proclaimed artichoke “capitals in the US) and I had never seen their flowers either. They are so beautiful! A funny story…years ago I made them for a friend who had never had them before. She fell in love but a couple of years later, when she cooked them for her family, she called mid-meal to complain about how tough they were. She had forgotten how to eat them, you know, the scraping vs eating the leaf part. We laugh about that often as she is a serious gourmet type cook and I am, well, NOT.
    Great photos!!!

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