Living Codes

Sreejit has written a new poem that I think is an amazing piece of self reflection.

The Seeker's Dungeon

My code says…

My code says it’s ok
to go it alone, when no
one understands, but a real
man has to be able to deal
with those that march to
another’s demands. My
rhythm is slightly incomplete –
a hiccup in my giddy up – I march
to about 4 ½ beats, but it flows
steady in me so I rest
at weird angles.

The rebellion of rock with
an R&B filter, smooth but
with splinters, modest but not
hindered, I’m not a flower
child, but I’m free and
I’m wild, untamed, I move
at my own pace, I don’t
care about the race, but the
way in which it is run.

Careful that you don’t
misunderstand, I have my own
demands. Those of you with whom
I don’t go far back, that didn’t witness
me always on the attack, will
think that I have no bite, but be

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