4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh boy, do I love Ice Plant!!! Where did you take this?? I remember stretches along the freeway in Southern California during April and May that were stunning in their roadside Ice Plant coverage. Wish I could share a picture of mine in response to a picture of someone else’s.
    I looked it up and amazingly, found this site
    I love their blog name.
    Most of these photos happen to be a block or two away from where I grew up in San Diego!!!
    Man, the world is so small sometimes!!

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    1. It is actually a closeup photo of a small succulent plant that I planted on the side of my house this spring. It would definitely be stunning if it was big. I look forward to checking out this link.


    2. Thanks for the article. I plan to get one of the yellow ones too. The directions on my plant was to space them 12-18 inches apart. In seeing how big they get on the link you sent, it is obvious I will be doing lots of trimming and also transplanting!

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