White Boy Privilege

Last night, I read about the poem Royce Mann, age 14, presented in a school competition… he won the competition. This morning I found it on YouTube. I knew it would be controversial but was still surprised at the flood of nasty comments the video received.

Whether you  agree with it or not, I think the content deserves to be heard and thought about.

The words to the poem can be found at the bottom of http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/13/us/teen-slam-poet-white-privilege-hln/index.html

Note: A slam competition is a competition where poets read or recite their original work

19 thoughts on “White Boy Privilege

  1. Wow-that gave me chills. What powerful words and passion from a young man. Indeed, I am sure his parents are proud. It will be young leaders like him, and others, who will continue to make progress in the world…if we don’t destroy each other before they are ready to take the lead.

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    1. I saw an interview a news organization did with him. His mother was sitting beside him and radiating her pride! I fully agree with your last sentence, both parts of it.

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      1. I saw one too, maybe the same one. I was so glad you posted this as I had not seen it. What a refreshing piece of good news among all the bad. I shared it with all my friends too.

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  2. I viewed the video and thought this young man did an excellent job. There is so much fear out there when it comes to discussing racial issues. Kudos to this young man for pointing out the benefits of white priviledge. Thank you for sharing, Karuna.

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    1. You might want to do a YouTube search and look for one he did soon after this one. It is so nice to hear from you. I have missed you. I hope you are feeling okay.


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