16 thoughts on “After the Toronto Storm

    1. It’s like magic to me. Who would have thought you could take pictures this powerful with a phone. Someday I want to take the iPhone camera class and see if I can learn to take clearer close up photos.


    1. I’m glad you like it. I’ve had the other one so long I felt nervous about changing it. I couldn’t find a pallet I liked but using a picture for the background made a big difference.

      I’m glad to hear that you think it brings out the photos!

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    1. I love to look at the sky too. Last week I was on a plane. For the first time, I wished I had a window seat. The man next to me was taking photos and videos of the beautiful clouds.


  1. Fabulously powerful and invigorating. I love the movement and the contrasts between shapes and colors. And I really like the format. Have you changed your theme? I have been thinking about changing mine. Wanting something that is more geared towards photography.
    And is that not Tim Hortons in the second to last photo? My all time favorite Canadian icon, a familiar rest stop all across Canada. Although I think that technically it is no longer Canadian but rather belongs to one of those global corporations based in Brazil via Burger King. Or something like that! And so it goes …..


    1. That is a tiny drive-by Tim Hortons store. The big store was not far away. All of these were taken in the parking lot across from the Radisson Hotel.

      Yes, I changed the theme, TODAY. I have considered doing it for awhile but hadn’t planned on doing it today. I sat down to look at a couple of possibilities and then didn’t get up until it was done! WordPress makes it so easy.


  2. That is awesome. The storm was here in Montreal as well as in New York…lasted a few minutes. But what amazes me are your photos…I took shots last night with my phone on my way home from the restaurant…no storm…just clouds doing their thing at sunset, so similar to those too:) I want to write a poem about it later…been real lazy today on my last day off.

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    1. The sky was bluer than the photos showed but other than that I thought they reflected the reality very well. I particularly like the one where the clouds are darkest.


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