My Productive Day!

Yesterday was the first day I’ve had nothing scheduled in a long time. I decided to make it a catch-up day. I started that process by jotting down as complete a to-do list as I could think of on the white board I keep on my refrigerator door. I composed quite a list even though I knew I couldn’t do all of it that day.


Throughout the day, I added more items to the list.

At the end of the day, I viewed my accomplishments with satisfaction.


Today I will complete some more of the list, add a few more, including clean the white board :), and recover from yesterday!

12 thoughts on “My Productive Day!

    1. Probably because so many clothes nowadays don’t need ironing! I remember growing up almost everything had to be ironed. I believe some people even ironed sheets and underwear!

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      1. I don’t think we ever did it. I think my memory is of going to a friends house and being astounded. But I’m not sure that is true.


    1. If I didn’t do lists I’d have a big problem…. I’d think of something and all too often forget what it was moments later! But I’ve always made lists. Being able to cross things off gives me a lot of satisfaction. I even make star charts from time to time.

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      1. Yes. Nothing like the positive feedback of a whole paper of shiny stars. When I do it I do it for a week at a time. They are usually tasks that I believe I should do daily.

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