What’s Your Guess?

I thought it would be fun to show readers a variety of microscopic pictures I’ve been taking and see if you can identify what they are. Make a list and compare your answers with the key at the end.



















scroll down for the answers

keep going


Answer key

  1. gold sari fabric
  2. crook neck squash
  3. blue microfiber cloth
  4. red strawberry- the small variety
  5. white strawberry- the small variety
  6. Black Eyed Susan flower petal
  7. avocado
  8. dragon fly wing
  9. slug

How did you do? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I have many photos of the slug, the dragon fly and the avocado and will share them in future posts. I found the dragon fly dead on my rug but the slug was alive. I had no idea how fast slugs could move. It was pretty funny trying to get pictures of it!

Here is a photo of several of the items on this list.

15 thoughts on “What’s Your Guess?

  1. Wow, this is so cool. I don’t know about the avocado though, as much as I love them this version looked a bit yucky to me. ๐Ÿ˜
    I would have liked to watch you getting the slug to pose ๐Ÿ˜€
    It was interesting to notice how the 2 images of fabric were recognizable as such even if I didn’t know exactly what they were. A certain evenness and flatness of texture.

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  2. Got some right but in the future, I think I’ll skip the “key”. Now, I cannot bring myself to eat that nice avocado on the kitchen table. Before I knew what they were, I picked the slug as appetizing over that avocado!! Yikes!
    I knew you’d have fun with this!

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    1. I hope your aversion to the avocado changes since they are so healthy for us. On the other hand, I suppose we might lose a lot of weight if we saw everything that close! Hopefully a lot of food has the beauty that the strawberries have.


  3. Namaste dear Karuna….what a fun use of your microscope…..I recognized a couple….strawberry and gold fabric…thought the blue fabric was probably a paper towel…..didn’t see the slug in the “group photo”…:-) thanks for the uplifting photos and guessing game this morning…..I am 8 days into the August Poetry Postcard Fest…just received my first card yesterday…..google Paul Nelson Splab or APPF 2016 to learn about this fun way to meet writers and creative minds from around the world….actually your plate is kinda full already……with LalitaAmbika…….blessings StanleydelGozo/Premanandakumar

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    1. The poetry event sounds really interesting. I will let others know about it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed guessing what the pictures were. I had taken the group photo before I added the dragon fly, the slug and the avocado. Since I’m going to do separate posts on those I didn’t take a group photo of those.


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