Slugs are NOT Always Slow!

A few days ago, I decided to take microscopic photos of a slug. That was the only live creature I could think of that would move slow enough to allow me to get some good shots.

I soon discovered that slugs are able to move way faster than I thought. In fact, I had to bring it back to the microscope’s field three times in order to take these photos. The pictures are not as clear as I had hoped they would be, but that’s not surprising since my subject was in motion!







Written for Senior Salon at Haddon Musings

13 thoughts on “Slugs are NOT Always Slow!

  1. Blogging introduces me to the new and unknown. Today, your photo led me to Wikipedia for information on slugs. I may not remember all that was read, but I learned something new and that’s a good thing.

    After visiting Haddon Musings’ blog, I decided to follow. Thank you for the introduction.

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  2. Cool pictures. One very wet spring our granddaughter found a family of Tiger Slugs. Large and beautifully marked they fascinated her. She hated having to put them back. They “visited” one other year but we haven’t seen them in a while. Nice to see your orange version up close….interesting! Glad you shared on Senior Salon. Jo

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