The Roses are Still Beautiful

I’m amazed by how many beautiful roses I am still seeing in my neighborhood even though it is now August. In April the roses were in full bloom so I thought their season would end early.

I think this collection of roses is particularly interesting because they are so close in color, yet each is different.

13 thoughts on “The Roses are Still Beautiful

    1. We aren’t getting much rain either. It’s beginning to look like fall with the leaves getting brown and vegetables seemingly at the end of their season. I think I don’t use enough water when I water the garden.


      1. Let’s just hope no fires…I am on vacation this week and man is it hot. thank goodness there was AC in the car I rented. It is in the 90’s here which we are not accustomed to. My last three days should raid but I don’t care,…I rented a B & B by Lake Erie for 2 days…even in the rain the lake is lovely.

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      2. Our summer has been MUCH cooler than it was last year. I think our weather is much more “normal” than it has been the last few years.


      3. i I would much prefer being there…by the way, the BnB I am staying in, in »Oakville, the lady lived in India several years and is a special needs educator. ..and (drumroll) she is from Montreal.

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