Portrait of a Visitor


A neighbor’s cat is spending more and more time in my yard. He seems to love to sleep on the play chips near my garden. (As I look at the garden picture below I’m aware how close it is to the end of the season. The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen but almost everything else is gone or ending. Must be time to put in some cover crops!)

Yesterday I was quite startled when I unexpectedly found him IN my garden.


When I took the portrait photo at the top of this post I tried to get him to open his eyes. I thought that would be easy because he usually takes off when he sees me coming near him. This time he stayed put, but would only open his eyes a sliver. He was probably thinking “Would you  just go away and let me sleep!”

Written for Discovery Challenge: Portraits

8 thoughts on “Portrait of a Visitor

    1. I think it is a tomcat….. but that is only a guess! I know cats in the U.S. are WAY bigger than in India, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are bigger here than in most of the world.

      A lot of what you see in the photos is fur though.

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