My “Frame” Adventure

When I walked into Seattle’s Lincoln Park for my Tai Chi class yesterday, a dark green tree caught my eye. (It looked MUCH bigger in reality than it does in the photograph.) I wondered if the tree might be a possible subject for this week’s The Daily Post challenge- Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame. After the class, I returned to that area to take a photo and see what was on the other side of the foliage.


What I discovered when I walked into the foliage was that the dark green wasn’t from a single tree, it was from many. And there was indeed a frame. The frame made a complete circle, a circle that included the dark green foliage as well as the leaves from many trees that had lighter leaves.

Walking inside the frame was like walking through a magical land.





Soon, I noticed that there was a frame within the frame. It was comprised of a group of trees surrounding a pile of raked-up needles, branches and leaves which in turn were framed by the green foliage  on the perimeter.



I continued to walk the magical land. Moments later, I found another frame in a frame. This time it was a tree that was being framed by other trees.


And then I saw another tall tree that was framed by smaller trees.


After leaving that segment, I saw a sight that took my breath away. I felt like I was viewing the Mother/Father/Guardian of the whole area. It stood like a giant, towering above all of the other trees.







(As I write this post and remember the experience, I think that the name Guardian fits the best.)

My journey had come to its end. I looked around the magical land, feeling very grateful for this blessed adventure.

After walking out of the outer frame, I turned around and saw that the Guardian itself was framed by the greenery.



I gave thanks to the Guardian.

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