End of the Season and More

It is near the end of the season for most of the plants in my garden, but it isn’t over yet!

It was an interesting year for the blueberry bushes. Four years ago, I planted three blueberry bushes, of different varieties. One died the first year and half of another one died last year. Neither had ever produced any blueberries. The third bush had a few blueberries the second two years. This year it there were many more, but they were very tiny. A few weeks ago it started producing fruit again, and they were full size. I wonder what will happen next year? Maybe I will be able to enjoy eating lots of blueberries!

A few days ago, I noticed some flowers coming out of the play chips in my back yard. I had never seen flowers like them before. Do any of you know what they are?

The other day it occurred to me that it is almost the end of the summer and I have never mentioned my worms. Normally, I would have written several posts about them by now.

I have a small worm bin close to my kitchen and a large one in the back yard. These creatures are very special to me. In fact, I consider them to be my pets!

In addition to providing me enjoyment, they also make vermi-compost, a high quality fertilizer, that I use in my garden. This year I had so many worms in my bins, even after I gave a lot of them away, that I had trouble keeping them fed. My problem was solved when I discovered that the nearby grocery store was more than happy to give me lettuce and other produce that they normally discard.

As the garden season ends, another season begins. This coming Sunday, the Seahawks have their first regular season game. After a life-long dislike of football, I became an avid Seahawks fan in the autumn of 2012. Since then Al, Ramana and I have often come together to watch the games and enjoy a meal. Last year, I told my friends if I am not somewhere that they think I should be, they should assume that I’m watching a Seahawks game. Same thing goes for this year!


20 thoughts on “End of the Season and More

  1. love, love love those worms. now that Seattle food waste recyling takes everything, I no longer have a worm bin but yes, they’re like pets, sentient creatures you are in a reciprocal relationship with. I hope to have some again some day.

    The lovely white flowers are Cyclamen.

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    1. I didn’t know, or didn’t remember, that you used to have a worm bin. If you need some worms for a new worm bin I’d be happy to give you some.

      Thanks for letting me know what the flowers are.


  2. Namaste Karuna…thanks for sharing the “end of the season” Our blueberries in Seattle were heading for their best crop…alas the JOY of the new owners…here in deming NM we are surrounded be Prickle Pears instead of blackberries, strawberries & blueberries…however, prickle pear juice is totally awesome…….Blessings StanleydelGozo

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  3. I just know there is something for me to learn here but I could not really watch the video on worms…and the shudder that runs through my body when I think about holding them…argh, but maybe it’s like you imagining holding my bugs?

    I think you are amazing in your commitment to loving worms, and football…

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  4. your beaming in that photo, lovely! YOur garden is brimming, well done. Always makes me smile seeing your worms as I know you love them so much. My vegetables don’t seem to be ready yet except for my tomatoes which is like a trifid plant and has taken over an entire window lol

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