Flowering Potato Plant

Tonight, I was looking through the many photographs I took this summer. When I came upon these two pictures I remembered how surprised I was to see these flowers as I walked through my garden. I don’t  remember the potato plants flowering in the past, although they must have. Perhaps I planted a different variety of potato this year, or maybe I was just more aware of my environment.



14 thoughts on “Flowering Potato Plant

    1. I tried so hard to get a clearer one but I couldn’t get it with the phone camera. I decided the flower was too exquisite not to share it even though it wasn’t sharp. I’m glad you liked it!


    1. I have had some volunteer plants show up in my yard that were also very unusual and intriguing. I like your thought that it could be good news from the Creator.

      I looked up boxwood flowers. They remind me of flowers I have seen in India, although I’m not sure if it is the same foliage. I will look when I go back this year.

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    1. That has been the most common response. I feel relieved to know that others haven’t seen flowers either, at least not ones that are this unusual. This must be a special variety.


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