Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Yesterday, I discovered a blog that was new to me, GarimaShares. The blogger and I have several interests in common so today I returned to her blog to read some of her posts. One was about a song that was posted on YouTube on September 24th. The video was watched by more than 8 million people on the first day. As of today almost 116 million people have seen the original video.

Within a day there were other videos of people lip syncing the song. Some that were uploaded on the three days following the original release have more than a million views of their own.

At this point, there are more than 25 pages of YouTube videos. I’m not giving an exact number because I gave up trying to find the end of the list.

I don’t know why this song has become famous, but I’ve just spent 45 minutes looking at videos of it, so beware, it is addicting! ๐Ÿ™‚

Be sure to check out GarimaShares too. She is a 20 year old who is going to college in Delhi and writes prose and poetry about travel, art, and life. Her photography is beautiful.


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14 thoughts on “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

  1. Reblogged this on The Sleeping Reading Beauty and commented:
    Hello my dear students! Welcome back! And before meeting you all again at school… please would you like to tell me why you students do like this song so much??
    See you next week in the classroom!

    Mrs. D


  2. OK that is a little weird…..but then I bet a lot of people say (or at least THINK) that about my song choices sometimes. Even though it is very different, your song does make me think of an old song by Laurie Anderson, an electronic performance artist from the 80’s I think. She did a song that compared the macho-ness of a pineapple with several things. Here is that song.
    But to get her real flavor you have to watch

    Music taste is pretty individual, eh?

    Anyway, thanks for the new blog to check out. You are so good about sharing that stuff.

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    1. Laurie’s music is certainly different. It is yet another reminder how out of touch I’ve been with the music scene for the last 30-40 years! Al and I went to see the Carole King musical on Thursday. It was a wonderful musical and I knew all but two of the songs!

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      1. It is at the Paramount. We went to the Thursday matinee. When we were going to our seats we were told we were being upgraded into the area that Bill and Melinda Gates sit. That was a fun surprise.


  3. Well, it made me laugh, but I can’t comprehend why it went viral. Although, I’ve given up understanding the viral revolution. My son is constantly watching YouTube videos and when he shows me, sometimes I get it, but mostly I don’t. Thanks for sharing and brightening my day just a little bit more. Going to check out a new bog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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