The Daily Prompt: Tiny

I spent many years sewing tiny dolls that were sold to support Amma’s Embracing the World humanitarian projects. I wonder if making them again will become part of my retirement activities.

Written for Daily Prompt: Tiny

15 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt: Tiny

    1. Making the dolls never bothered my hands. I cut down the amount of time I spent on them over a period of years but I think I stopped making them at home soon after I started the Litter Pickup Project. I still made them during the summer tour for a while.

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  1. I love your dolls…can`t help but feel weepy reminding me how much I miss Amma. I think this winter I will start making necklaces….I only made a few last year and it doesn`t hurt my hands like knitting and crocheting does. I never have enough mala beads…I love wearing them and praying with them…they make lovely gifts from the heart too. If my manager accepts my vacation request for end of November, I am booking to go to San José.

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