Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Looking Through a Window

I saw the most amazing thing through my kitchen window this afternoon. I’m used to seeing spider webs close to the window, but today I noticed that there was a bee next to the spider. As I watched, the spider started turning the trapped bee over and over again, wrapping it’s silk filament around the bee with every turn.



Once the bee was encased in the silk, the spider started pulling the bee upwards. Within a minute it  moved from the middle of the plate glass window to a point where it was out of my sight.


This evening, I discovered that Cee’s Black and White challenge for this week is “Looking Through a Window.” I love the synchronicity.

11 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Looking Through a Window

    1. Thanks Cee. I wish I they were clearer but these were the best of the 15 or 20 I took. They showed what I wanted to show so I decided to use them even if they had limitations.

      I look forward to studying the iPhone camera at some point and learning whether it is possible to take clearer close ups.


  1. You are the queen of synchronicity, Karuna. It is amazing to see how patient and determined the spider can be and weaving delicately even when ready for the kill. That is a perfect Halloween photo too. Try inverting the shades…I used to do more with my old samsung than my Iphone.

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