Letting Go of Suffering: Week 1- The Beginning

You are probably reading this post because you have a desire to let go of your suffering. This course will consist of 17 lessons, each containing concepts or tools that can aid you in your endeavor. The content is based on a workbook I wrote in 1991. I will be posting a new lesson each Monday.

Suffering, as used in this course, is defined as “extended hurt.” It is “the persistence of painful feelings long after they were provoked.” (Judy Tatelbaum)  Letting go of suffering does not mean living a life void of challenges or pain; it means not getting stuck in the pain

People often think of suffering as being prolonged sadness. It can also be prolonged anger or fear. There is likely to be some degree of suffering present whenever we are holding on to the past or worrying about the future.

Suffering is also brought on by the unhealthy behaviors we do in the present, those behaviors that make us miserable.

Be gentle with yourself as you go through the course.  Let this be an opportunity for you to experience being successful without expecting yourself to be perfect.

During the first two weeks, you will be gathering information about yourself. You will also learn more about suffering and about letting go. As you complete the exercises, either print the post and write your answers directly on the exercise sheets, or just write your answers in a notebook.

Exercise 1

When you are suffering, it is often important to get help from others as you work to shift the energy. In the boxes below, or in your journal or notebook, write the names and phone numbers of people in your life who might be available when you need support.


Exercise 2

What scares you about letting go of your suffering? Write down any fears that come to your mind, whether they make sense to you or not.


Exercise 3


For the rest of this week, reflect on your answers to these three exercises. Consider journaling about the thoughts, feelings and/or insights that surface as you do that.


See you next Monday for the second lesson.

To find the lessons in this series that have already been published click here.

21 thoughts on “Letting Go of Suffering: Week 1- The Beginning

    1. Yes, I like that it will be available anytime on the blog and that people don’t have to buy a book. While the workbook is the same as the old one, I’m adding to and/or updating much of the text.

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  1. Way to go Karuna. This is needed info and I hope you get a lot of takers!!
    A personal aside-early in my relationship with her, my Mom Elaine gave me a poster. It said “Some people suffer in silence LOUDER than others.”
    I just argued the grammar with her….

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    1. I have wanted to do this for a long time but didn’t know how to recreate the graphics on a blog. A few days I realized I could scan the workbook and then edit the pages to capture the parts I wanted to use! That realization and the technology behind it made this project possible.

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  2. karuna, this is totally awesome. I haven’t been here on WP much, so I just discovered your series (you are at week 15) but have gone back to Week one to share with my followers here on WP and on FB and Google+

    I hope many people benefit. Meanwhile, I have been thinking for a long time that I ought to organize a course – I already knew it was lots of work…and am inspired by your work. Thank you.
    Big hugz, Gerry

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    1. I was very excited to read this comment and to see that you had put the first lesson up on your blog…..and on FB and Google+! I am glad you feel inspired to do a course this week too.

      It may end up being 18 weeks. When I looked at one of the last chapters, it occurred to me it may be too long for one chapter. That is yet to be determined!

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    2. Have you seen the DEAR ME and DEAR YOU letters on Neil’s Epiphany? I have reposted them on my blog. I also sent them to my clients and some have done similar letters. I think his posts are an incredible gift to therapists and to anyone working on their recovery or personal growth.


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