Early Morning Mystery

When I looked out of my flat’s window in Amritapuri, India this morning, this was my view:


Then I looked to the left and saw this:


Three suns, one to the right and two to the left. That was a bit disconcerting until I realized when I looked to the left, I was seeing the reflection of the sun in two different windows.

I looked back to the right and this time I saw:


What was going on?

I decided to go outside to see what it looked like. That way I would be away from all windows.


But when I took a close up shot, I saw:


So is that an orb to the right? It certainly isn’t due to a window. I’m done with guessing but I sure would be interested in knowing your theories. This was a fun way to begin my day!


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12 thoughts on “Early Morning Mystery

  1. I have had something similar happen when photographing the moon and I think it is the light of the sun or moon reflecting off the lens. When I move my camera/phone that little orb also moves. Depends on the angle. I have been able to line it up so it is right on the moon and doesn’t show in the photo.

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  2. Anything that distorts light as it passes through the atmosphere has the ability to cause a mirage and in this case it appears to be a ‘sun dog phenomenon’. although I still believe that If I were to go with the last pic, it’s the window that’s creating the illusion.

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  3. Fascinating….rebirth of Prema Sai…last of Sai Baba’s triple incarnation….now that is a unique speculation…

    Sure was not a sun dog….have seen several of these from the school playground…quite spectacular..or maybe it was

    I say AMMA was playing with Karuna.

    ONE Amritapuri morning, I was gazing at the sunrise and had a unique experience. I was viewing the sunrise from B building 12th floor balcony. As I was gazing, the entire sky horizon where sun was rising was TOTALLY vibrating! All kinds of thoughts flowed through…were my eyes ok…was I grounded…was I getting ready to faint…all wierd speculation…in the meantime…the sky kept vibrating just in that area..there were waves of color moving from the horizon go toward the sky…spectacular…of course I was the only one on the balcony …the only witness…and the stillness was beautiful..

    AMMA has fun with Her Amritapuri children…

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