Making A Difference


Many years ago, at the the end of the programs in each city on Amma‘s North American tour, there was an announcement that contained a story about a squirrel who contributed to the building of the Rama Setu bridge. The squirrel participated by rolling in the sand and then going to the end of the bridge and shaking the sand off, chanting the name of Lord Rama throughout the process.

Lord Rama rewarded the squirrel by picking him up and stroking his back. From then on, this type of squirrel had three stripes on its back, stripes that went from head to tail. The stripes are seen as Lord Rama’s fingers. At Amma’s programs, this story was used to teach that everything we do to contribute makes a difference.

I remember thinking that what was called a squirrel in the story must be what we call a chipmunk. Since then, I have learned that the squirrel is a palm squirrel and it the same size as a large chipmunk.

On one of the first days I was in the Saraswati garden, I heard a sound. I thought it was a bird at first, but when I followed the sound, I discovered it came from the squirrel in the picture at the top of this post. I didn’t know squirrels were so loud! Here are two more photos of that squirrel:

A few days ago, I saw another squirrel in the garden; or maybe it was the same one. I feel so privileged to have been able to watch squirrels like the one in the story I have heard so many times.



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12 thoughts on “Making A Difference

  1. Ok, ok, I’ll give a second thought now to our chipmunks in Spokane. I truly did love them at first, even fed them….duh. Big Mistake!! The third time I had to pay for the damage they did by climbing up into my car engine, and nesting among the wires, I stopped liking them.
    But now…well, I guess I’ll reconsider!

    On an unrelated noted, I’m off to see Reilly and Maloney’s final concert (after 46 years together…I’ve known them 42 of those years).

    Maybe I’ll post about them….


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