I Trust You

A friend sent me the link to this video a few days ago, but I didn’t look at it until now. Tears are streaming down my face as I am writing this post. I hope it is as much a gift to you as it was to me.

The Following Morning Addendum:


When I woke up this morning (I’m in India), I realized I wanted to share this post with my Song Lyric Sunday family. I think the video fits the intent behind this week’s prompt even though it doesn’t fit the structure.

I wasn’t able to find out the name of the background song in part because I can’t understand all of the words. But to me the message is not in the song, it is in the video. I am very disturbed by what is unfolding in our country right now and it was so good for me to watch this video before I went to sleep last night. It allowed me to see light amidst the darkness.

19 thoughts on “I Trust You

      1. It opens up with a man standing on a big city street, maybe New York City. He puts on a blindfold and holds a big sign that says: “Hello my name is Karim and I am an Arab-American. Like many people who are black, brown, women, LGBYQIA, Latinx, muslim, jewish, immigrants and others, I am very scared. We are anxious and uneasy in our own country and it’s difficult to see what lies ahead for us. But I have hope that I am safe with you. Together we can build a community of caring rather than one of fear. You can trust me to care for you no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you are from. Will you embrace me as willingly as I embrace you? Will you shake my hand and/or hug me and/or take a photo with me as a sign that I am safe here with you. I trust you.”

        At first he stands there and everyone just walks by. Then people start standing reading the sign. Then one man comes up and hugs him. Then many people, one after another come up and hug him or shake his hand. Some people take their picture with him. It ends with a child walking up and shaking his hand.

        The video is so moving. I’ve seen it several times and cry every time

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