Seattle: A Sanctuary City

Seattle is a sanctuary city and proud of it. On this day that our new President signed an executive order blocking federal funds to sanctuary cities, I feel compelled to share the signs that I saw in my neighborhood when I came home from India last week. They speak for themselves.
















Daily Prompt: Ten (and in this case several more)

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16 thoughts on “Seattle: A Sanctuary City

  1. Beautiful. I typically don’t like to get political but I don’t understand how nearly 63 million people in this country voted for Islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, ableist, elitist Donald Trump. It sickens me really.

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  2. So good to see and feel this. Please let us open our hearts and have our actions reflect what is posted here. This must include compassion especially for those who have covered their loving hearts with hatred. May they be blessed and freed from their suffering.

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  3. All well and good. But always keep in mind that there are people whom will do terrible, terrible things to you that no amount of love will stop; that must be subjugated through merciless force; all things in moderation, even love. If you’d like to test the theory, open any history book.

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    1. Pepe strikes back eh? 😉 Two wrongs don’t make right… and since message on these signs is positive I think they should be promoted. That being said I doubt fears people have on Trump will prove justified in the long run… kinda like fears of Obama not being born in US ended.

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