A Surprising and Disturbing Discovery- Part 1


In 2015, I added three bird houses to my back yard. Last spring, birds came in and out of the houses. I had thought they were making nests, but none of them stayed very long.

A few days ago, I decided it was time for me to look inside them, so I could remove old nests, if there were any, and get the accommodations ready for this year’s guests. I was very surprised by what I found.

Bird House #1

Bird House #2

Bird House #3


Below is a photo of the three nests side by side.


The third nest was built almost to the ceiling of the birdhouse. That nest was more than six inches high; and the top of it was completely flat. Both of those characteristics surprised and disturbed me.

The holes that give access to these bird houses are very small. Does anyone have an idea why a tiny bird would build a nest that large; a nest which practically fills the bird house? And why would a bird make the top of the nest flat, with no place to lay eggs? Do you know anything about this? I’d appreciate any information you could give me.

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20 thoughts on “A Surprising and Disturbing Discovery- Part 1

  1. These look a lot like the nests our Wrens build in Spokane in the bird houses, as well as almost anywhere there is a small protected area. They are such a cheeky little bird, so tiny but fearless. And they have the most wonderful song! They are J’s favorite! Check these pictures out to see if you spot anything familiar.


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    1. It does look like those nests, except for the fact that there was no place for nesting.

      I’m going to try putting the houses up higher and facing away from each other this year and see if any of the birds scouting for houses decide to stay there.

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  2. Guess a little birdie told them a psychotherapist lives there!! (Sorry when I saw OCD I just had to say it) [chuckles]. Now I can’t wait to see what you found taking the nests apart. Your home is like a sanctuary with so many plants, flowers and birds not to mention bees and butterflies.

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    1. I plan to work on the second post today. I had an appointment scheduled but the clinic closed because of the snow. As a result, I don’t need to go anywhere today! I’m going to walk in the snow though.

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