Honoring My Inner Wisdom



I published a new post, Honoring My Inner Voice, on The Seeker’s Dungeon this morning. I hope you take a moment and head to the Dungeon to read it!

While you are there, take a look at the 365 Days on Living and Dying event under the Guest Posts tab. Sreejit is still welcoming submissions for that offering.

2 thoughts on “Honoring My Inner Wisdom

  1. Nice posting, Karuna, and I can relate. I really do try to pay attention, and sometimes when I find myself dismissing a thought of “better check again” I do go back and check. Even if it turns out everything is fine, I know I’m encouraging the inner voice to keep on speaking b/c I’m listening!

    I remember a therapist friend telling me years ago about an assignment she gave to someone to help him start developing his intuition and willingness to listen to his inner voice (if I recall, the client was a minister). She had him go to the grocery store and use his intuition/inner voice to select what cereal to buy from all the choices, what can of peaches, etc. I thought that was an interesting and non-challenging way to help someone start trusting their inner voice.

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    1. Very interesting assignment. I used to teach a workshop where I had participants go out and ask questions of trees, plants, fire hydrants, etc. I never thought of that as developing an ability to listen to ones inner voice but now that I think about it, it is.


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