# MondayRed

Spring is beginning to show itself, although not as fast as I would like. The trees are beginning to bud and the tulips leaves are pushing their way up through the ground. The red tulips that were in my garden last year were stunning.

To see the photos click on this link: # MondayRed

8 thoughts on “# MondayRed

  1. Hey Karuna,

    Finding delight in the art of your sight,
    I penned a little prose.
    My heart returned to that model gull.
    And to the nature of her pose.
    Extending upwards one stemming end.
    She rises from her bower.
    And boldly glows above her grow.
    As spring’s emergent flower.
    Burning with yearning to flash her red.
    Rising is she from Earth’s cradling bed.
    Unfurling her finery from slim green thread.
    Graciously opening her pursed Tulip head.
    Now blushing her flushing passionately red.
    Risen has she a Goddess in stead.
    Gracefully adorned scarlet petals spread.
    Shimmering in sunlight else julep fed.

    Such a beautiful flower framed beautifully. Thank you for sharing her here.

    Namaste 🙂


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      1. Hey Karuna,

        Thank you! I loved your photographs.

        Nature writes Her exquisite poetry far better than I could ever dream of doing! I am a sparrow in comparison to her Eagle. Always.

        Take care. Have a wonderful week.

        Namaste 🙂



    1. P.S: Unforgiveable! 3rd line first stanza. Second word is missing! My error, sorry….too busy watching Wilhelmina 🙂 Would you correct my lapse of mind and input the word heart please? Thank you 🙂



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