11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pattern

  1. Hey Karuna,

    Delicate as lace and beautifully complex in pattern. They are fascinating to really look closely at. Amazing. Fairy Houses of Folk-Lore. I like the enchantment of that.

    You have quite the eye for a photograph. And patience to capture the essence at its heart. I could not choose a favourite from those shown here. They are superb. Thank you.

    Quick question. Do you mind? If your week were to end with one wish being filled or fulfilled, what would that wish be for?

    Namaste 🙂


    ~ Mushroom ~

    Spore of dank and darkness
    Born to spawn and clone.
    Amongst leaf waste and litter.
    Rotting bark damp rich loam.
    Nature seeded in Earth’s fatality.
    Rising in Life from Death suddenly.
    Humble Spirits with Gaia’s humility.
    Striving thriving growing organically.
    Mushrooms spawning Love Eternally.
    Nature’s Lazarus sired in Totality.
    Risen death living new life’s gallery.
    Souls reborn metaphysically.
    Spiritually physically.
    Sharing Immortality.
    Knowing Spiritually.
    They bring taste of lasting PEACE.
    Please never let the Apocalyptic Vision.
    Cloud out the Rising ‘Shroom.
    Love and Peace!

    In all ways for always please take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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    1. My wish would be that some people will come to work in our Greenbelt restoration party. We were rained out yesterday.

      May I use your poem in our next GreenFriends newsletter? It is a really good one for that. (I put together that monthly newsletter.)

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      1. Hey Karuna,

        Rained out yesterday, I’m sorry to hear that. I trust it doesn’t delay, hinder, or impede your agenda? I’d like to hear something more of what you do. Thank you.

        Rained out of/from where? And who are ‘some people’ you would wish for? Do you mean patrons comrades colleagues compatriots conquistadors ground force troops, or all of the above? Greenbelt Land is precious. I hope none were effected by rain.

        Thank you so much for asking. I would be delighted if you would like to share the poem further. I am pleased you enjoyed the poem as you did, thank you. I enjoyed writing it and learning from it also.

        Best wishes.

        Namaste 🙂



  2. Hey Karuna,

    Restoration is compassionate, a kindness extending caring tenderly to our Earth and her children. She is priceless already, worth far more still when restored as a turning jewel in the Cosmic Crown.

    Would you mind if I added a little additional comment…

    A Homeless gentleman I have recently befriended has pressed at WordPress.

    Gallybloggers – Scarecrows One and All.


    Three poems are published so far. The Homeless gentleman inspiring the Blog is one of 12 Ravens. Each Raven a Homeless person writing under their street name, their Scarecrow’s name. This gentleman, Jason, he writes poems (encourages others to write also) and short tales. Words from the heart needing to be aired and read: published on a blog perhaps. He had no internet access. I offered to publish the poems for them. I felt impelled to offer my time unconditionally so that Raven’s 12 get to speak with a louder voice than the one never heard in a noisy world unable/unwilling to hear their whisper. I admire Jason’s depth of resolve, his tenacity, and his Scarecrow ways. He is a soul man, very wise.

    The reward for my participation with Raven’s 12 is a beautiful experience. I have opportunity to contact, engage with and befriend the Homeless, and with honest intention, willing kindness and genuine desire to help, find immense pleasure in seeing their smile. Perhaps offering to pay for a cup of tea or food in return for one poem I ask only for a few lines to be collected whenever. That poem can then be published on-line. Jason’s hope is that the Blog will expand organically as trust grows amongst the community. He dreams of a Blog waxing lyrically with a voice written with soul by soulful soles walking.

    Thank you.

    Namaste 🙂



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