13 thoughts on “Imagine: Pentatonix

    1. I cried when I watched it…. besides, I can’t imagine you saying or doing anything that would take away from a post I write. I believe comments add to posts- even those comments I don’t agree with.

      I read some interesting things about the song. I decided not to share them in this post but I may eventually write another one!

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  1. Karuna –

    My sister turned me onto Pentatonix some years ago and I love this version of Imagine. Another song that makes me cry, although it may not be for everyone, is “Mary Did You Know” XO Priya

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  2. Boy do I ever feel connected to you after all these songs. I sent Helen the Pentatonix version of Imagine also (but I see it didn’t make it onto MY blog for some reason, just her comments) but we seem to have a lot of music in common. I LOVE that!!


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