Daily Prompt: Climbing

In India last year, I discovered a plant that Indians call “spinach.” It climbed the walls of many of the Amritapuri gardens. We could eat it right off the vine, or put it in salads, or cook it. I loved it and decided to do my best to have it in my garden this year. I know we don’t have the heat that India has, but thought it might grow at a slower rate.

It was easier for me to identify the plant than I thought it would be. One of my friends even grew it here last year. The plant’s name is Red Malabar. It is a different species (basella rubra) than spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) but is often referred to as spinach even here. I ordered the seeds and planted them in containers in the house two weeks ago. So far none have germinated.

I re-looked at the packet and noticed a label: “Over-packed due to low germination.” This morning, I noticed that the label also says GERM 56%. With Seattle’s lack of heat plus such a low germination rate my endeavor may be doomed, but I hope not!


Daily Post: Climbing

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Climbing

  1. Some hot weather plants don’t germinate well until the night temperatures remain consistently in the 50s. You might try resowing in another month. The greens look luscious! If you have a south or west facing wall that gets sun, put the pots up against the wall…the radiant heat helps with plants that like hot weather. Hope you can successfully grow greens that remind you of home in India.

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    1. I have an east wall that gets sun. Right now I have it near the pellet stove!!! I’m going to plant some outside but it seems like it is still too cold to do that. As you know, there is nothing warm about Seattle now.


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